Latinnovating-Green Jobs, Innovation, Latinos, Entrepreneurship

"Latinnovating provides rich insight into the exciting possibilities and opportunities that exist within the green economy. Graciela Tiscareño-Sato does an outstanding job of chronicling how Latino entrepreneurs are positioning themselves today as leaders across different industries. These stories of success and sustainability will inspire readers and serve as a valuable tool for all those working to build a cleaner, greener future."
Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, Chief Executive Officer of Green For All

“For many years, the Latino entrepreneurial spirit has quietly powered America’s economy. At last, a book has been published that brings these hidden stories of economic contribution out of the darkness. In producing Latinnovating, Graciela shines a bright spotlight on Latino entrepreneurs innovating new solutions and playing significant roles in the green economy. Simultaneously, these stories of highly educated Latinos demonstrate the urgent need to improve Latino high school and college graduation rates so that many more environmental entrepreneurs will burst onto the scene to power America through the 21st century.”
Aida Alvarez, Chair, Latino Community Foundation and former Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration

Latinnovating gives an inspiring look into how Latinos across the country are transforming the business world to be more friendly to our environment and long-term sustainability. This book is a valuable read for business owners, activists, and young people looking to join the growing green economy.”
Adrianna Quintero, Director of Latino Outreach, Natural Resources Defense Council

"This book has the potential to change the conversation about Latinos in America. One part of our story - as immigrants - is well-known and prevalent throughout the mainstream media. Another part of our story - as active contributors to the nation's growing green economy - is less recognized. Latinnovating addresses this imbalance by telling the stories of entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners who are helping to shape the green economy. Taken together, the true complexity of Latinos in America can begin to be understood."
Carolina Miranda, MBA in Sustainable Enterprise and Founder, Cultivating Capital LLC

"Finally a book has been written that brings to life the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs building businesses in the right-thing-to-do, yet hard-to-monetize green economy.  The stories in this book captivated me. You will quickly realize these are not only stories about the green movement and Latino entrepreneurs, but also of the will of the human spirit to innovate and create. As a Latino, this collection of stories is particularly special to me."
Marcos J. Cordero, LEED AP and CEO, Green Business Bureau

“Graciela highlights incredible success stories of Latino leaders not only participating in but creating business opportunities in the green economy. These stories are a true source for inspiration for young people and for professionals in transition. As Hispanic-owned businesses play an increasingly important role as engines driving economic recovery, Latinnovating shows how this community is also making a difference towards a better planet. Given the international connections that Hispanic businesses have, they are the latent force that can transform how business is done in the Americas to improve the quality of the environment on a large scale. This book is a must-read for any business wanting to take advantage of green opportunities and for those looking for green entry points.”
Magda Cardenas, Director of Marketing and Communications, Greater Washington D.C. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

“In the midst of a landscape of public opinion that is saturated with weeds—that is, negative stereotypes about Hispanics, this book offers instead radiant flowers: the positive, creative, brilliant and extraordinary contributions that Latinos are making for the improvement of our society as a whole. The innovative entrepreneurs featured in Latinnovating are role models for all: Latinos and non-Latinos, young and old.  
Dr. Federico Subervi, Professor & Director, Center for the Study of Latino Media & Markets, Texas State University—San Marcos

"Graciela Tiscareño-Sato writes with a passion for the environment and Latino issues that is unmatched.  I enthusiastically recommend her book, Latinnovating:  Green American Jobs and the Latinos Creating Them. Anyone interested in a green career will find the book to be an invaluable resource. Young Latinos interested in a green career will find the book and its many stories of Latino success to be particularly inspirational."
Bruce Matzner, Managing Partner, Diversity and Recruitment Solutions

"Latinnovating is a ‘must read’ for anyone looking to be inspired by Latino leaders and educated about the growing importance of the green economy.  The book is notable for its emphasis on sustainability as a driving economic force that also greatly benefits our environment.  The leaders highlighted in the book deliver their stories with sobering insights as to what it takes to drive innovation in this growing field."
Dr. Robert Rodriguez, Author of Latino Talent

"Latinnovating will inspire you as it inspired me. The thought leaders profiled in this book include innovators who have paved the way into the 21st century and beyond. If you are looking for a unique book that offers an original perspective on sustainability and the emerging green economy, Graciela has profiled entrepreneurs and innovators that will inspire and drive both Latinos and non-Latinos into the future. In fact I'll carry a copy of Latinnovating with me and inform others how important the green movement is for all of us."
Frank Carbajal, Author of Building the Latino Future, and El Futuro Latino, Founder of Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit

"The Latino business community in the U.S. is represented by a diverse group of successful business owners. Latinnovating showcases successful stories of Latino leaders that have adopted and support sustainable business practices. Graciela has done a great job compiling the stories of thought leaders that are helping to protect the environment, spurring innovation and contributing to an overall brighter economic future for our country. Anyone running a business today should read this book to learn about the power of sustainability and entrepreneurship."
Tayde Aburto, President & Marketing Director, Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce

“Some of today’s most innovative business leaders began their lives as economically- disadvantaged children from strong Hispanic families. These families, rooted in their faith for a better future and a propensity to conserve and reuse, raised creative problem solvers and critical thinkers. Equipped with higher education credentials and a lifetime of learning, these same people are now helping to move our nation towards a more sustainable future by causing changes in our unsustainable industrial status quo. Graciela weaves their personal stories, educational paths, industry insights and actionable resources for today’s students and job seekers into a truly unique tapestry. This book delivers powerful messages and paths to emulate that will surely inspire the next generation of environmental entrepreneurs to succeed despite their current circumstances. ¡Adelante Graciela!
Victor Arias Jr., Senior Client Partner, Korn/Ferry International

“I am an advocate for creativity. These success stories of Latino innovators celebrate the power of creativity. Readers from all cultures will be inspired to pursue their passion and express their creativity, either as an entrepreneur or as an employee in a creative corporate culture."
Arlene R. Barro, Ph.D. Author: WIN Without Competing!, talk show host and CEO, barro global search, inc.

“As a recent college graduate and a Latina, I am thrilled that a book like Latinnovating has finally been written and published. For those of us who grew up in the Latino culture hearing our parents’ and grandparents’ wisdom about protecting natural resources and reusing everything, it’s gratifying to see how that same foundation became environmental entrepreneurship for the leaders profiled in this book. High school students should read this book to expose themselves to 10 different industries, 10 possible career paths, 10 reasons why they should continue their education and 10 motivating stories of innovators actively working to benefit the nation while improving our environment.  College students should read this book to see examples of creative, passionate business leaders, see what they studied, why they pursued different disciplines in higher education and how they made their decisions. Readers will gain new insight into possible career paths they haven’t yet imagined.”
Nathaly Arriola, graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Public Policy Fellow, Washington D.C.

"These powerful stories will make a huge impact on many Latinos who today are in the same situation these leaders once were. As educators we need to share these unique and important stories with the young people we serve."
Héctor M. González, College and Career Coach, John Hancock High School, Chicago, Illinois

"As a high school student, this book provided me something I had not seen before--role models that look like me. Through higher education and honoring their cultural values, these ten innovators are contributing to the American economy in very significant ways. This  has excited me about the possibilities that lie ahead. I now know what to do to emulate these inspirational leaders. If you’re the parent of a teenager or college student, this book makes an excellent gift for the information and inspiration it provides to those of us mapping out our professional futures. If you know a student who's about to graduate, what better gift could you give him or her than the gift of actionable inspiration?"
Kevin Iglesias, Student and CHCI (Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute) Ready to Lead Program Participant, Wheaton High School, Maryland

"I was moved to tears as I read the story of Mr. Ramirez. The story of his youth is unfortunately very familiar to me. As an Academic Advisor at a state community college, I hear young and not-so-young Latinos relaying similar stories. I was so inspired by Frank’s story because I believe when fate intervenes it is purposeful. I wish there were more individuals who could see Latinos for their potential and not get blinded by good intentions. The world could use more stories of perseverance like that of Mr. Ramirez and the others in the pages of Latinnovating. Parents of high school students should read this book to gain insight about how to help their child see the big picture and create a bigger vision for their lives. High school and college students will gain an understanding of how others before them have found success through education. They will see that they can make a difference in the world. Lastly, counselors and advisors should read this book to gain understanding of how to put students on the path of self knowledge and life-long learning no matter what their current situation happens to be."
Marla Manchego, Single Parent Counselor, Advising, Career, and Counseling Center, Front Range Community College, Fort Collins, Colorado

"At a time when many in our world are focusing on sustainability and on 'going green,' Graciela tells you the stories of Latino innovators from a culture that has always practiced these values. These business men and women have created successful companies and are committed to environmental entrepreneurship. This book is definitely a one of a kind and a true inspiration to young Latinos everywhere. High school and college students will especially enjoy the personal stories and the paths of success that these leaders have taken in life."
Kimberly Herrera, Coordinator, Student Activities, Anne Arundel Community College, Arnold, Maryland

Latinnovating provides powerful personal stories that many young people, especially Latinos, will relate to as they consider their future. But it also provides insights into how these entrepreneurs and leaders made their decisions, how they came into influential positions of leadership and how the forces of culture played a role. The reader gets to understand when and how these innovators decided to make professional changes to protect the environment. It also comes with a rich set of resources that students can act on immediately. It’s a book I will recommend to my students for years to come!”
Martha Escalera, Director, Student Success Program, The National Hispanic University

“As American Latinos, our emphasis in life normally lies with job, car, home, family – the American Dream but with family added to the equation. Green Education? Sadly enough, this hasn't always been part of our national psyche. As a Hayward City Councilman who is very much into educating our youth – Latino and otherwise – and greening our City, I am most impressed with Latinnovating, as it touches on both areas. An extended American Dream come true - job, car, home, family, education and green! ¡Ya era hora! ¡Dale gas, Graciela!
José Francisco Zermeño Cárdenas, Hayward, CA City Councilman and Professor of Spanish, Chabot College

“Graciela is amazing, motivating and real. In fact, as a Keynote Speaker for Business Leadership Week at Texas State University, she highlighted the lives of Carmen, Frank, Luis and Rosamaria living their Latino lives filled with curiosity and passion (just like Graciela’s). The students and professors were spellbound by the stories of these pioneers. My copy of the book is ordered and I anxiously await a closer read of these real life stories about those ‘Latinnovating’ around our nation.”
Janet Riola Hale, J.D., Senior Lecturer and Sponsor of Net Impact Student Organization, Department of Finance and Economics, Texas State University-San Marcos

“Realism is a difficult term to encompass in our lives, but that is exactly what we need and find in Latinnovating. Through the avid depiction of personal stories and first-hand experiences of Latinos facilitating the green movement, you will be moved by their efforts to improve  energy efficiency and optimizing the use of environmental resources. I emphatically recommend this book to anyone who needs a green awakening. Graciela does an amazing job of creating a realistic awareness of the environmental habits that are saving our planet today!”
Iliah Perez, Marketing & Business Development for Heffernan Insurance Brokers and the Contra Costa County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Latinnovating was well written. I was introduced to new concepts: blending environmental values into careers and using childhood lessons of conservation for innovation. It made me think of how I am surrounded by examples of reuse.  The phrase “Think globally, Act locally” is also mentioned. It makes me think about not overwhelming myself to help the planet. Frank Ramirez is an inspiration to me.  He became an Eagle Scout (leadership), was top of his graduating class in high school (studious), and helped his family (balance). He graduated from Stanford and went into an energy career field.  I want to do what he did but in my own version.” Navpreet Khabra, Student, Tennyson High School, Hayward, California